As a collective, we make a difference around the world.

 Independent, local hospitality is sustainable hospitality. Our Great Hotels of the World Members are doing great things and making a world of difference. Shining a light and celebrating their outstanding initiatives is our small way of contributing towards a great future where generations to come will continue to benefit from the transformative power of travel.

Economic Sustainability in Hospitality

Winner: Onyria Quinta da Marinha - Girl Move Academy
The Onyria group financially supports the Mozambican Girl Move Academy which promotes female education and leadership through an intergenerational circular mentoring model, recently recognized by UNESCO as the best program for education for girls and women. Onyria Group also welcomes girl movers to its companies, integrating them into management teams to share knowledge and contribute to their training in the field of high management.

Environmental Sustainability in Hospitality

Winner: The Chedi Lustica Bay:  Glass Revive
The waste reduction initiative began with a focus on managing waste streams efficiently. One of the biggest challenges faced was the excess glass destined for landfills. Following  a team brainstorm, a collaboration with Zero Waste Montenegro was born and the The Chedi Lustica Bay began to supply jars to jam and olive oil producers in the region. In the process they discovered that wine producers were struggling with the cost of wine bottles, sometimes even having to import them from Serbia to make the costs more manageable. 
“During our journey of waste reduction, we discovered the art of turning waste into worth for our community”.

Social Sustainability in Hospitality

Claris Hotel & Spa - Cultural Heritage and Social Commitment
According to UNESCO, a country's cultural heritage constitutes its identity, promotes cohesion between communities and contributes to the construction of open, inclusive and pluralistic societies. Claris Hotel & Spa proudly works to maintain and protect a vast art collection comprising figures from Mesoamerica and Central America, human representations of Western Mexican culture, and statues of the Costa Rican war in the on-site museum room as well as English furniture from the 18th and 19th centuries, Turkish kilims, mosaics and sculptures from the Roman Empire, Egyptian engravings commissioned by Napoleon, and works by Catalan artist Josep Guinovart distributed throughout the hotel.

Technology for Sustainability in Hospitality

Winner: THE BALÉ Phnom Penh  - Tread Lightly
Tread lightly is an ongoing project. Phase 1 is focused on energy and waste. An initiative that strongly expresses the hotel’s responsibility for the environment, and genuine commitment to alleviating the impact of its energy consumption and natural sources.
Included in the initiative is the installation of timers for water pumps and motion sensors for light bulbs in public areas to reduce unnecessary electric usage. “We estimate that this has reduced our electricity consumption by 2% per month and we are actively looking for other critical areas where motion sensors can be more effective.”

Sustainable Events

Ilunion Hotels: Blind Dining
The Blind Dining Event was created with the aim of allowing our stakeholders to Step into the shoes of people who overcome obstacles every day and to raise awareness of the need to promote accessible tourism.
The experience: on entering the hotel, clients are blindfolded and the experience begins.  They live a different experience, where they have to test all their senses. After a short tour of the hotel, they are accompanied to the dining room where they will enjoy a special “blind menu”, made especially for the occasion. This experience helps to understand how people with disabilities live their day-to-day lives.

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