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A portfolio of 60 largely independent upscale hotels and resorts worldwide that have been thoughtfully curated to cater to the rising bleisure traveller. Beyond exceptional accommodation, a sweeping range of meetings and events venues, and world-class leisure facilities in exciting destinations, the Great Hotels of the World brand is a seal of authenticity and character in hospitality.

HOTEL SPOTLIGHT: Some of our favorite bleisure hotels

Never before have business and leisure been so intertwined. With remote work playing an ever bigger part in so many people's lives, travellers are more than ever, looking for the perfect place to get away to where they can continue to work and play. The GHOTW collection includes a wide selection of hotels, away from the city center that offer guests the luxury of space, world-class meeting and business facilities as well as an array of leisure activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family without ever leaving the hotel grounds. 

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