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Great Hotels of the World represents some of the finest four and five star luxury hotels and resorts wordwide, each chosen for its outstanding levels of comfort, luxury and attention to detail as well as location and facilities.

To help you find the perfect luxury hotel for your next holiday we've compiled some of our favourite destinations - from beachside resorts in Crete and relaxing spa resorts in Greece to romantic boutique hotels in London and breathtaking luxury resorts in Turkey.

You can also use the map below to browse all our member hotels and resorts by location. Simply click on a pin to view hotel details and a link to browse details further and book your stay.

Our most popular destinations

Need some inspiration? Here is a selection of our most popular destinations by region and the hotels and resorts we offer in each.

Most popular European destinations

Europe offers a wealth of diversity when it comes to holiday destinations and if you choose well no two holidays can be the same. In the Czech Republic you'll find countryside resorts alongside city center hotels in Prague that give you access to the country's rich history as well as many of its favourite past times like golf or healthy spa relaxation. For seaside escapades, the Algarve region of Portugal boasts resorts and hotels with breathtaking scenery and facilities while Mallorca's world famous appeal can be enjoyed in luxury at a more reasonable price than you might think with these splendid resorts and hotels located on Mallorca's coast.

Here are some other popular European destinations:

Luxury hotels in Turkey Luxury hotels in Cyprus
Luxury hotels in Spain Luxury hotels in Antalya
Luxury hotels in Barcelona Luxury hotels in Paphos
Luxury hotels in Limassol Luxury hotels in Florence
Luxury hotels in England Luxury hotels in Portugal
Luxury hotels in Greece Luxury hotels in France
Most popular destinations around the world
Luxury hotels in China Luxury hotels in Marrakech
Luxury hotels in the U.A.E Luxury hotels in Egypt
Luxury hotels in Sri Lanka Luxury hotels in The Gambia
Luxury hotels in Iceland Luxury hotels in South Africa

Popular spa hotels

If you're seeking relaxation for your next holiday, Great Hotel's Luxury Spa collection has plenty to choose from. St Nicolas Bay Resort Hotel & Villas combines the island's stunning nature with world class spa facilities while Principe Forte dei Marmi allows you to discover Pisa’s fascinating history and relax all at once. Further afield Marrakech is a once in a lifetime experience and La Sultana is one of Marrakech's best luxury hotels, complete with spa treatments, romantic offerings and culinary treats. Another favourite of ours is Saman Villas in Sri Lanka - history, nature and spa all rolled into one!

Most popular spa destinations
Spain luxury spa hotels Italy luxury spa hotels
Cyprus luxury spa hotels Portugal luxury spa hotels
Thailand luxury spa hotels England luxury spa hotels
Turkey luxury spa hotels Morocco luxury spa hotels
Sri Lanka luxury spa hotels Egypt luxury spa hotels

Popular romantic and honeymoon hotels

Romantic holidays should be cherished and remembered for years to come, and Great Hotel's Romantic and Honeymoon collection offers some of the world's best hotels and resorts to ensure your time together will be as memorable as it can be. Thailand is one of the finest destinations for unforgettable honeymoons - spend the first weeks of your life together experiencing the many delights of Bangkok, including its temples, floating markets and delicious cuisine. Italy has long been a world-famous romantic destination and while it might be a little cliche it still offers some truly fascinating experiences from the historical and cultural sights of Florence to the peace and majesty of Tuscany or Sicily.

Most popular romantic and honeymoon destinations
Romantic, honeymoon hotels in England Romantic, honeymoon hotels in Greece
Romantic, honeymoon hotels in Cyprus Romantic, honeymoon hotels in Turkey
Romantic, honeymoon hotels in The Netherlands Romantic, honeymoon hotels in the Caribbean
Romantic, honeymoon hotels in Lebanon Romantic, honeymoon hotels in Thailand
Romantic, honeymoon hotels in Morocco