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New luxury leisure consortium launches: Great Hotels Organisation recruits exclusive partners

Debuted at WTM 2006, the Great Hotels Luxury Network (GHLN; http://www.ghorg.com/ghln.html) has received a universally positive response from luxury hotels, tour operators and agents alike.

Launching officially in June 2007, the popularity of the new luxury leisure consortium, similar to Virtuoso, has seen a large number of agents, operators and hotels already signing up, with just a few membership opportunities now left in the network’s target countries.

The network’s popularity is two-fold, with GHLN acting as the central contracting and negotiation point between small niche tour operators, travel agents and quality assured luxury hotels around the globe. Currently recruiting for a limited number of select network partners, GHLN is free to join and provides members with a host of exclusive benefits.

A specialist in negotiating the best net rates for ultra luxurious 5* and 5* deluxe hotels, GHLN is able to offer travel agents and tour operators both the profit margins and luxury hotel allocations that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

Using a revolutionary and specially designed G-wiz technology platform, agents and operators will have online access to over 300 quality assessed luxury hotels; all with live availability. Offering the ultimate in simplicity, G-wiz is for all reservations, amendments and cancellations and provides instant confirmations for all transactions.

Member luxury hotels are given access to new and significant revenue streams by being able to distribute rates and inventory through a single contract to a network of smaller operators and agents.

Marizanne Roos, Key Account Manager, Great Hotels Organisation, commented: “GHLN is able to assist luxury hotels, agents and tour operators in their ultimate aim of selling travel experiences. Due to its free membership, simplicity and consequently obvious business benefits, GHLN is already proving universally popular, with the positive response only expected to continue.”

If you serve the luxury market and would like to benefit from the great rates, guaranteed quality and allocation available only to GHLN members, please contact Marizanne Roos on +44 (0)20 7383 2335 or email mroos@ghorg.com.

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