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GHO Launches Digital Marketing Agency

A Rescue Plan for Independent Hotels

Great Hotels Organisation (GHO) a London-based luxury sales and marketing alliance representing some of the world’s finest independent hotels has announced that it is to launch a digital marketing agency. The Big Agency (http://www.big-agency.com) is due to be officially inaugurated at World Travel Market and will provide a complete solution for independent hoteliers to be competitive on and offline.

After 12 years of experience on their own website development and marketing solutions, GHO has expanded their services to offer their expertise in the form of the Big Agency to the independent hotelier.

The Big Agency will help independent luxury hotels improve visibility and achieve growing online sales, by offering tailored web strategies comprising website development, internet marketing and offline solutions.

Lilou Mace, Managing Director of the Big Agency comments “Independent hotels have not yet utilised the power of the Internet. Moving forward with innovative and comprehensive strategies, at this period in time, will help hotels transform their sales approach. There is a tremendous opportunity for them to grow online. The timing couldn’t be any better and we are here to help.”

One of the two cornerstones of the Big Agency’s search engine marketing strategies is Pay Per Click (PPC). The Big Agency will help independent hotels create effective, structured PPC campaigns based on key phrases that the targeted audience will enter during their travel search. “A website alone is not enough”, states Mace, “You need to have a comprehensive Pay per Click strategy so you can be tactical. If you are not doing it, your competitors are and it’s likely that if you are not bidding on your hotel name, they are!”

The other cornerstone of the Big Agency’s Search Engine Marketing efforts is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), which focuses on organic search listings and enabling websites to be featured high on search engine listings. The Big Agency will help hoteliers understand their website’s current search engine ranking and how to improve and optimise it. The website development team can also work with independent hoteliers to create an aesthetically appealing website which integrates web 2.0 features to encourage interaction between hoteliers and guests.

Online reservations are one of the most profitable and valuable booking options for independent luxury hotels. GHO and the Big Agency have developed their own hotel booking engine, G-Wiz (http://www.g-rez.com). G-Wiz can be integrated into an existing website and help turn website visitors into bookings with a host of different features.

Social networking sites review management, email and newsletter campaign management, video presentation and long-term website linking strategies are also part of the Big Agency’s online services.

For more informaiton, please contact Lilou Mace – Managing Director, Big Agency lmace@big-agency.com   +44 (0) 20 7380 3650


 For press enquiries please contact

 Brooke Jester

Marketing and pr assistant

Great Hotels Organisation

+44 (0) 20 7380 8561


Note to editors:

Great Hotels Organisation

Great Hotels Organisation’s family of brands include Great Hotels of the World (http://www.ghotw.com) and Special Hotels of the World (http://www.shotw.com). By acknowledging that each hotel has a different set of marketing requirements, Great Hotels Organisation allows its member hotels to choose from a comprehensive collection of sales and marketing initiatives in order to build their own ‘à la carte’ membership programme tailored to meet their individual objectives. By doing this, members are able to choose and purchase only the services they require, thus ensuring that membership fees are kept to a minimum and are focused on their specific requirements. Sales and marketing initiatives that members are able to take advantage of include: trade shows, e-marketing, business travel consortia sales, public relations, a private label GDS chain code and sales blitzes. Membership of Great Hotels Organisation is by invitation only and hotels must meet strict criteria before being accepted. Great Hotels Organisation manages the “GW” private label GDS chain code and toll-free voice reservation numbers operate globally. Further information on Great Hotels Organisation can be found at http://www.ghorg.com.

Big Agency

The Big Agency is a digital marketing agency offering e-commerce solutions to the global hotel industry. The Big Agency is part of Big Worldwide a privately-owned, global travel, technology and media company headquartered in London. The Big Agency’s original focus was in the publishing sector, producing magazines and hotel directories, managing online content and providing promotion across media for luxury independent hotels that are part of the Great Hotels Organisation, a marketing alliance for the independent hotel sector. This work has led to a logical evolution for the Big Agency to now offer complete digital solutions to the same market it has served since 1996 by drawing on the experience garnered from its publishing, online and promotional activities. The Big Agency’s expertise covers design, IT, e-marketing and a strong understanding of the needs of the hotel industry.



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