Unforgettable November - Heineken Regatta Curacao

by L. Fintoni
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Heineken Regatta - Curacao, Dutch Antiless, November 2010

Sailing has a long tradition in Curacao, harking back to 1499 when Alonso de Ojeda, a lieutenant of Christopher Columbus, first set foot on the island's shores.

The Curacao Regatta honours the island's long standing sailing tradition every year and embraces its multi ethnic heritage - after all a boat requires a strong team to sail it, which is no different to how different people from different backgrounds came together over the centuries to form one of the Caribbean's most diverse and strong islands.

The island will also host an illuminated boat parade and its International Tarpon fishing tournament during the same time as the regatta.

For more information on the regatta, registrations and other activities click here.

Where To Stay:

We recommend the Papagayo Beach and Lounge Resort for those wishing to attend the Curacao Regatta - click here to view Papagayo Beach's details and to book a stay. Alternatively use the booking widget above.

Year-long sunshine and cooling tropical breezes mean that any time of year is perfect for a visit to Papagayo Beach. Just a stone's throw from the hotel's villas is Zanzibar Beach Club and the crystal clear water of Jan Thiel Bay. The resort's tropical garden is filled with exotic flowers and Caribbean plants such as cactii, aloe vera, banana trees and palm trees.

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