Unforgettable November - Abseiling in Jordan

by L. Fintoni
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Go Abseiling in Jordan - Wadi Mujib, Jordan, November

Exploring Jordan's Grand Canyon, including the world famous Wadi Mujib 'Black Gorge', is a must for any thrill seeker and nature lover. The red rocky walls, waterfalls and rockpools provide the perfect setting for an adrenaline-pumping abseiling experience.

Beautiful pools are located near the confluence of Wadi Mujib and Wadi el Hidan, where you can try and swim against the current and into the majestic gorge of Wadi el Hidan.

There are a variety of routes available in the gorge, and all equipment is provided by the company who arranges the routes. The Wadi El-Moujip Lower Gorge circular route takes 9 hours to complete and includes abseiling, jumping and swimming.

For more information on the gorges and routes available click here.

Where To Stay:

We recommend the Moevenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea for those wishing to go abseiling in Wadi Mujib - click here to view Moevenpick Dead Sea Resort's details and to book a stay. Alternatively use the booking widget above.

The Moevenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea is located on the shore of the Dead Sea in Jordan - a peaceful area with renowned health benefits. Many visitors flock to Jordan to float in the Dead Sea, and the benefits of the high-salt content mean that the water is extremely calming and healing, offering the ultimate relaxation therapy.

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