Unforgettable September - Visit a 1,000 ft waterfall

by N. Albert
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Visit a 1000FT Waterfall - Lombardy, Italy, September 19

A breathtaking experience awaits you in Italy this september: Serio Falls (Cascate del Serio), in Lombardy, the tallest and most impressive waterfall in the country.

At over 1,000 feet in height, Serio Falls are an unmissable experience for nature lovers. The waterfalls are only opened to the public for a few days a year.

The waterfall has three main drops – at 166, 74 and 75 metres tall. One of this year’s opening dates is September 19, giving you the chance to see one of Europe's most majestic waterfalls up close and personal.

For more information on Serio Falls, click here.

Where to stay:

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The stunning resort of Conca della Presolana, Bergamo, in the foothills of the Alps, is home to Hotel Milano, a luxurious hotel dedicated to nature and wellbeing.

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