Award-winning restaurants - La Alqueria

by L. Fintoni
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elBullihotel Hacienda Benazuza is home to one of our ten award-winning restaurants - click here to view them all.

The exclusive La Alqueria restaurant at elBullihotel boasts two Michelin stars and a wealth of culinary delights created by well known chefs Ferran Adria and Rafa Zafra.

The restaurant is an offshoot of Barcelona's world-famous El Bulli restaurant. It offers the same gastronomic delights and wonders as its parent but with the benefit of not having a year-long waiting list.

The menu boasts an ever-changing array of the best recipes the chefs originally created for the Barcelona restaurant and offers an intimate atmosphere with neo-rustic lounges set amid the hotel's stunning complex.

La Alqueria restaurant offers a 33-course tasting dinner menu that may seem daunting but is a must try for any food lover.

To book a stay at the elBullihotel Hacienda Benazuza simply click here to check rates and availability or use the booking tool above - the hotel can easily arrange bookings for the restaurant.

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