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by L. Fintoni
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Hesperia Tower is home to one of our ten award-winning restaurants - click here to view them all.

"Expertise and professionalism bolster evolution in the culinary realm. This is a good reason to name this new restaurant EVO", explained Santi Santamaria the celebrity chef who is in charge of Hesperia Tower's Evo restaurant.

Awarded a Michelin star and boasting the most stunning location in Barcelona on the 27th floor of the hotel, itself one of the city's tallest buildings, Evo offers a true awakening of the senses in a unique gastronomic setting with breathtaking views of the city.

Located inside an impressive glass dome designed by architect Richard Rogers, Evo restaurant combines land, simplicity and Mediterranean fusion with a universal feel to create a rotund, solid, tasty and stylish cuisine that grants no concessions to fleeting fashions.

Cooking with stone, clay or vapour, combined with the latest kitchen technology, Santamaria highlights the tastes of the best local products. Evo's cuisine is daring and aims at perfection, combining precision, service and aesthetics to present bold plates with mixtures of light, colour, flavour and sensations; an exquisite combination to delight fine cuisine lovers.

Evo offers different menus, including a la carte and gastronomic set menus, paired with a wine list that has been handpicked and is looked after by Arnaud Echalier, the head sommelier.

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For more on the restaurant please visit its website.

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