Award-winning restaurants - Caprice Restaurant

by L. Fintoni
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Londa is home to one of our ten award-winning restaurants - click here to view them all.

One of Limassol's finest culinary and social venues the Caprice Restaurant and bar is favoured equally by famous personalities as it is by Limassol's locals. The hotel lounge is a relaxed place to meet and guests can also enjoy dinner on the outdoor terrace or deck overlooking the sea, as well as at the poolside bar.

The minimalist airy interior of the restaurant combines perfectly with the mouth-watering menu selections.

Head Chef Patric Steklmacher explains his approach to Caprice's cuisine as "serving honest food; honest because we work closely with our suppliers to select the best ingredients. Everything is prepared in the Londa kitchens from scratch. The Caprice restaurant serves modern eclectic cuisine. Influences from international cooking schools are married with traditional European/Mediterranean styles and flavours. Guests can expect to see ingredients and styles from South East Asia, Japan, South America and even modern Californian cuisine."

The restaurant also offers signature dishes that have become favourites of regular visitors. Much-loved dishes such as the lobster salad, chicken iceberg salad, spaghetti with cherry tomato sauce and the thin beef fillets with ruccola and parmesan are mainstays on the menu.

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For more on the restaurant please visit its website.

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