A dreamy night

by Sue Dixon

This story is part of our 'Unforgettable hotel nights' series, featuring tales from luxury hotel guests which were sent in for our recent travel writing competition.


What was my most unforgettable night in a hotel? Actually it was with Aerosmith’s, Steve Tyler!

Okay, not with ‘WITH’ Steve Tyler but we were both staying in the same hotel and I did RIDE in an ELEVATOR with him. Sadly there was no LOVE in an ELEVATOR but isn’t that just life sometimes?

When I saw him, I truly thought my heart would burst! Being just a wee chap I towered above him and if there HAD been any love in an elevator, I’m not entirely sure he would have survived!

I had travelled to Helsinki to take in the delights of... well, actually Aerosmith. I’d always wanted to see them but was away when they played in London... SO... off I went to Finland and treated myself to one of the best hotels.

My unforgettable night with Mr Tyler made me feel like a 1960’s teenager all over again and, I must confess, The Beatles didn’t EVER make my heart react in the same way.

My second most unforgettable night in a hotel was at the same hotel! There I was, sitting outside the hotel having an après Aerosmith gig hot chocolate when who should join me but ... Aerosmith. YUP... they did! What did they talk about? The latest Rocky film, gear failure (electronic gear, not anatomical gear!) and getting back to their other halves for some home cooking.

We often wonder how the other half live... just like us I reckon!

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