The joys of leaf-peeping

by Richard Kipling
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Soon the hot summer days are going to be long behind us and will be replaced with glowing gold and russet-filled landscapes. It’s time to make the most of the beautiful turning of seasons and take a trip leaf-peeping.

What is leaf-peeping?

Leaf-peepers are people who go to leafy places to watch the dramatic changes of the trees. Many people use this opportunity to photograph the intense autumnal colours. Others just go to appreciate the sheer beauty of this natural occurrence.

Where and when should I go?

The most popular place to go leaf-peeping is New England – this is due to the huge variety of broad-leafed trees. If you plan to visit New England then make sure you’re there around mid-September if you’re going to the north, and anytime during October if you’re heading south.

Britain also has a vast array of trees that boast a stunning display during autumn. If you plan to visit Britain then the best time to go would be late September to early October. The leaves begin to fall around mid-November. 

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