Fit for your holiday?

by Rebecca Lori

How often have you gone on a relaxing summer holiday only to discover that you have piled on several pounds of weight?

It isn’t surprising really. Instantly we adopt a ‘when in Rome’ attitude whilst holidaying and therefore find ourselves indulging in vast quantities of wine and rich food. It isn’t all bad though – there are numerous ways to stay fit and healthy without having to avoid the finer things in life.

Taking a long-haul flight? Make sure that you remain active on the plane. Go for regular strolls along the cabin, you might feel silly but your limbs will thank you for if later. To reduce the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) it is important to keep your body moving - try putting a pillow (or folded jumper) under your right thigh and rotate your ankle ten times, swap the pillow and repeat with your left ankle. Stand up and rise onto tiptoes, then lower your heels and bend you legs slightly – repeat ten times. Try to do these simple exercises once every two hours.

When you arrive at your hotel, check out what facilities they have, also ask at the reception if they hold a regular exercise class for its guests.

If you really can’t face the gym, then try something fun like watersports or yoga. You could even see if there’s somewhere nearby where you can hire bikes – it’s a great way of getting fit whilst exploring the local area.

Keeping active on holiday needn’t be chore – even talking long strolls across a sandy beach is very good for your leg muscles and that is one of the most pleasurable things to do whilst away from home.


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