The perfect little boy to take for holidays

by Karen Grimshaw

This story is part of our 'Travelling with Kids' series, featuring tales from luxury hotel guests which were sent in for our recent travel writing competition.


Our son was eighteen months old and against all the wishes of both sets of grandparents, we took him to the Caribbean Island of Antigua.

Even before we had left the country, our first encounter with the ‘I want’ syndrome was in Duty Free, when he spotted a must have Micky Mouse which came free with numerous packets of sweets. However, the lady on the check out was very sympathetic and let us have one without the compulsory purchase.

Once on board the flight, he saw his very first little black girl with hair tied up in bunches held together with very bright ribbons. After much finger pointing and giggles, we finally managed to divert his attention to the take off. A travel cot was provided which we had to negotiate on the floor but eventually he fell asleep and so did I.

The Island was hot and sunny and our son loved every minute. Another two days and he would have been swimming without armbands. At night after his meal it was in the trolley with dad pushing him around the hotel grounds until he was fast asleep which then left us to have our meal in peace. Later we put him in his cot and heard nothing until the following morning.

We hired a car for most of the duration and travelled to every part of the Island. The car hire company provided us with a car seat and son quite happily came along sightseeing, stopping for a swim and of course a drink! Another day we booked for a full day excursion to Dominica setting off for the airport very early in the morning and flying down to this wonderful, very scenic Island. The tour was quite comprehensive and included a visit to the 3 River Falls resulting in the ‘Emerald pool’. The tour guide and the local residents said that we had to submerge our little one totally and this would ensure great knowledge for him in the future. This was a job for my husband as it was so cold and I had not even got my feet wet! He coped very well, seemed a bit shocked by the whole experience and so far has turned out to be quite a clever soul, so there could be some truth in the tale.

Another day saw us in the capital of St. Johns, just a very large shantytown but we went around the sights and near to the Cathedral a local artist asked us if he could draw our son. ‘Simone’ took around half an hour to sketch but what he put on paper did not in our eyes resemble our little boy but we still have the drawing!

Unfortunately we did not really like Antigua, it was not as beautiful as we had been lead to believe, we did not like the hotel being a very busy All Inclusive property but it was one of the BEST holidays ever! Our little boy was the most gorgeous looking, blonde and bronzed, everybody loved him and I was constantly being told to enter him to be the pampers baby.

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