Baby steps

by Dimitriya Georgieva Georgieva

This story is part of our 'Travelling with Kids' series, featuring tales from luxury hotel guests which were sent in for our recent travel writing competition.


My family’s most favorite place to go is a hotel on the southern seaside in Bulgaria. It is a small family hotel, fenced, with a big green garden with plenty of flowers and a swimming pool with clean water. The beach is situated in a nice gulf, small, non-crowded and very close to the hotel, which made our choice for that hotel easier.

Last year we went there with our two sons, aged five and one. I was sure that something would happen as it was the first time my baby son would see the sea. And of course, at first every time sand stuck to his hand, legs, foots, head etc. he was screaming for help to be cleaned. Not to mention that several times he tried to eat sand! But this was not all.

His favorite thing was to creep very fast and enter the water. One day my husband and my older son were in the swimming pool laying on inflatable mattresses while the baby and I were out because he was sleeping. But when he woke up and heard that his father and his brother were in the water he immediately started to creep, because he was not able to walk yet, incredibly fast, so fast in fact that my heart started beating fast as he rushed towards the pool. Fortunately his father caught him as he reached the water. The boy was so happy that he didn't seem to mind getting his clothes wet or worrying me.

During our last day there we had another nice surprise - the baby woke up and I took him out of the trolley, undressing him and leaving him standing there just in his diaper when suddenly he concentrated real hard and made his first step. On hot sand! Something I never thought would happen considering the extreme situation. This is a vacation I will never forget and if I had to choose again – I would choose to have the same vacation with the same happenings. 

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