The perfect stay

by Sanjiva Gautamadasa

This story is part of our 'Travelling with Kids' series, featuring tales from luxury hotel guests which were sent in for our recent travel writing competition.


Toooo long Mama …. That’s what our daughter says, fifteen minutes into a drive to anywhere. I wondered whether I had made the wrong decision - We selected where we were going to stay, just a bit out of the way, only because of its kids club – one with a marketed difference.

A warm welcome, a registration card for the little one – ‘your finger print here please’ a welcome drink in a non breakable glass, a small basket of toys in the room and for her, towels and tissues – all separate and attractively unique and individual.

The rooms were not luxurious, nor large but comfortable and well equipped. We made this comment to Kety the room boy “You don’t come on a holiday to stay inside a room, you could do that at home if you wanted to … what a rude answer, we thought, but the truth always hurts. It made a difference – we engaged and we relaxed – we indulged and we enjoyed – barely returning to the bed – just to shut eye.

We never say no, except when it is to ask for a discount seemed to be their motto – the reservation agent at the time of making the booking refused a discount, but from there on, the answer to all our questions has been a warm and wanting ‘yes’ … or atleast, we will try – and try they did …

Why would one want to learn how to make soap or recycled paper –that’s what hubby said to me when I selected the place. She took back the lessons learnt to school and 3 months later, all the kids were making soap and cards at school.Even hubby switched from Gel to Soap, just to please her. The Dragonfly catching activity with kids of the area - a local pass time using rubber bands and caterpaults – home made to varying shapes and sizes. Not that I was particularly keen, but she wanted to do it. Her respect for animals and the preservation of them grew by heaps and bounds thereafter.

She ordered a plate of cookies – the waiter asked, would you like to learn to make them first? Mama, can I? – Most tempting by that proposition was that I was going to have two hours to indulge in a spa experience, that till now was only a dream !!! of course you can honey and a way she went ; and away I went to the ocean side Pavillion for ninety minutes that felt like a lifetime of absolute bliss.

Travelling with Kids had never been more enjoyable…

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