What to pack for a sizzling holiday with your new partner…

by Lorraine Buxton

It’s all very exciting. You have a new love interest in your life and things are going well. You’ve no doubt experienced dinners in luxurious restaurants, glasses of wine on sunny terraces and long strolls in verdant parks together. So, the next big step is the all important holiday away...

It’s quite overwhelming trying to decide what to bring to this type of holiday. You need to feel comfortable, yet alluring, sexy yet practical.


The weather is going to be hot, so make sure that your day tops are made out of light, natural fibres. There’s nothing worse than moist patches under your armpits!

Pack a selection of fun and flirty cotton vests in a range of different colours and try to vary the necklines so you have a good selection to play with. Team these with a couple of girly skirts (play it safe and keep the length long or just slightly above the knee) and a pair of well fitted shorts.

Make sure you have a sexy bikini or swimsuit for the beach and a stylish pair of oversized shades, so you can look glamourous in the sunshine. Also important is the floaty summer dress, pack a handful of dresses that can be worn throughout the day with chic flats or dressed-up with a pair of high-heeled wedges and a cute clutch bag in the evening. Oh, and leave the big comfortable pants at home! Well-matched sexy underwear is imperative!


Light linen trousers and slightly loose (not overly baggy) shorts can look stylish and comfortable; team these with a pair of brown or black leather sandals or some fashionable Havaianas. Well-fitted t.shirts can look super sexy. Dress wisely - if you’re a little on the large side, then a tight t.shirt might not do you any justice! Also, remember that you’re trying to impress your lady and she’s not going to be swooning with admiration if she sees you in a bright Hawaiian shirt. Bring a pair of stylish swim shorts and a sexy pair of shades too – there’s no use abandoning your style on the beach.
During the evening, you can look smart and fashionable by teaming a light, well-fitted shirt with a light pair of jeans/trousers and pair of sandals. And the underwear advice works for men too – bring a selection of sexy boxer shorts - leave the teeny pants at home.

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