What to pack for a holiday with the girls…

by Rebecca Lori

Sometimes deciding what to wear first thing in the morning can be a challenging experience, so it’s no wonder that we often find packing our suitcases a difficult experience.

Going on a girly holiday can be tricky, as you’ll no doubt want to pack the entire contents of your wardrobe, and unfortunately girls, unless your first name is Mary and your surname is Poppins, this just isn’t feasible.

So, just how do you squeeze those fashionable essentials into one case and still have space to bring back a couple of additional purchases?

Style over comfort?

Firstly, be practical. What is the climate going to be like? If it’s going to be hot, then you’re lucky as you’ll be able to fit more items in your case , as summer outfits are light and small and can be folded into tiny little squares of joy. If the weather promises to be on the cold side, then you have to think about warm comfortable staples - items that can work with a number of different outfits.

A summer holiday just begs for colour – take a selection of bikinis and bright sarongs, which are versatile and can give you essential covering whilst relaxing by the pool. A selection of well-fitted shorts, different coloured vests and t.shirts are perfect for day wear. Floaty tops, summery dresses (floral prints are uber fashionable this year) and wedges are ideal for hot summer evenings. Take a wrap or light cardigan, which can be life-savers, when the sun goes down.

Feeling the breeze?

If you’re travelling somewhere on the chilly side, then you’ll need to be stricter when it comes to packing your portable wardrobe. Take a couple of pairs of jeans, loose fitting for daywear and a skinnier pair for evening as these can be dressed up with heels and a well-fitted top. A plain black or navy blue cardigan can work with most coloured tops and will add an additional layer under a jacket for when it’s feeling exceptionally nippy outside. Hats and neck scarves can look very chic, try out different styles and see what works.

For glamourous evenings with the girls, take a few dresses and wear them with opaque tights to keep you warm. If your dress is plain, experiment with different coloured tights to make a bold statement! Again, make sure that your jacket is something that will work with all of your items of clothing.

Above all, have fun choose a few daring outfits and a few sensible items – if it worked for the Sex and the City girls in New York, it can work for you!

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