Layering for an Indian summer…

by Lorraine Buxton
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Summer and winter holidays are relatively easy to pack for as you know what to expect – it’ll either be hot or cold. When summer starts to creep into autumn however, this is when things can get tricky…

Every traveller wants to travel light and this can be a problem if you are going to a destination that has un-predictable weather. Should you pack autumnal clothing? What if there’s an Indian summer and you end up sweltering in your sweatpants?

Just what is the best type of clothing for the summer/autumn switch-over?

There are three basic rules that you need to follow in order to guarantee a comfortable holiday – layers, layers, layers! You will need to pack for every eventuality – cold weather, rain and occasional sunshine.

Pack the following:

•    Light waterproof jacket
•    A selection of light jumpers or cardigans
•    T.shirts
•    Vests
•    Jeans
•    Light trousers
•    Light comfortable shoes or trainers
•    Boots
•    Hooded top
•    Umbrella

Remember light layers are much better than thick jackets – they can also be easily folded up and stored in your bag.

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