The best Istanbul guides

by Jill Dixon
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If you are planning a trip to Istanbul and want to get the most out of your experience then take a look at our favourite Istanbul guides, which offer an alternative perspective of the city…

The Istanbul Encounter Guide - brought to you by the travel aficionados at Lonely Planet, this concise little guide has been written by an Istanbul resident and will help you get the most out of a visit to the city, from an insider’s point of view.

Istanbul Insight Fleximap - is a mini-map with a difference as it contains all the information you might need to make your way through the city on foot. A good choice for hardcore explorers, though you may need a small guidebook for supplemental information.

Those who crave creature comforts should read the Hedonists Guide to Istanbul. When a standard guide just doesn’t offer the sort of indulgent information you desire, this guide will help you get the most out of this cosmopolitan destination.

A well-known resource that always comes up with the goods, the Timeout Guide to Istanbul covers all the bases. If you need a comprehensive guide to the city this is it – maps, history, hotel and restaurant info.

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