Ra chocolate mousse

by Francis Drillen,
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  • 150ml fresh cream
  • 150ml milk
  • 50g egg yolk
  • 350g dark chocolate (70%)

Prepare English cream with the fresh cream, milk and eggs yolk.

Heat the milk and the cream, when it starts to smoke, before it boils, pour a small part of it on the yolk mix and stir.

Heat the mixture, including the egg yolk. Boil the English cream until 85º always mixing with a cooking spoon. If you cannot measure the temperature you will know if the mixture is ready if you can create a line with a spoon and the cream does not fall.

After this, put the mixture and the chocolate all together in a bowl and swirl it so that the hot cream melts the chocolate. While you wait for the melted chocolate, beat 500ml of fresh cream. Blend the fresh cream with the previous mixture and voilá…you have the Meridien Ra’s Chocolate Mousse.

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