The best keep-fit gadgets…

by Rebecca Lori
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Nintendo Wii Fit with Wii Balance Board

Those who find regular exercise regimes tiresome should try out the Wii Fit, which works with the Nintendo Wii console. The Wii Fit video game was launched early this year and has proved itself to be a fun way for friends and family to increase their fitness levels. The Wii Balance Board measures the user’s weight and centre of gravity and the software can also work out the user’s BMI. The Wii Fit game boasts around 40 different activities, which means that users will never tire of fun ways to keep fit.

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Everlast Twist Board – with reflexology magnets

Twist your way to fitness on the Everlast Twist Board. This small and compact fitness tool enables users to twist their body from side-to-side, which will give you toned thighs, hips and abs, as well as improving circulation and balance. The magnets and massage points massage feet whilst releasing tension, adding a new dimension to traditional twist boards.

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Everlast Pilates Ball

This is no ordinary exercise ball – the Everlast Pilates Ball is covered with soft massage points that stimulate muscles and increase circulation. So not only can it assist with muscle tone and strengthen your back, but it will also give you a gentle massage at the same time.

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Navman R300

This is a useful arm-mounted gadget for runners of all levels. This device works with a GPS signal to locate the runner and then track the runner’s pace, speed and distance. You can also set an alarm which will make a sound if you are running too slow or too fast through certain ‘zones’ of your run.
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