Things to make you go mmm…

by Charlotte Baley
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Traditionally, the beginning of a new year is seen as the time for assessing one’s lifestyle. Bad habits are given the boot and a new healthy way of living is embraced. Gyms are jam-packed with enthusiastic newbies eagerly trying to burn away the Christmas calories and diet books fly off the shelves like hot cakes. But how long does this motivation last? As the months pass, the prospect of life without chocolate and tasty treats usually starts to wane. So what can we do?

Treat yourself…

Those who have experienced a professional massage will be familiar with the process - slip into a soft cotton robe, relax to the soothing background music and feel your worries lift away whilst aromatic oils are massaged deeply into your tired aching muscles – pure bliss!

The range of spa treatments and techniques available vary significantly, as each unique spa provides its own methods and signature treatments, but the exciting news is that there is a new trend coming to a spa near you…

Edible spa treatments

Whilst oils and creams have previously been used for spa treatments, the latest innovation to hit the spa world is edible ingredients.
Many spas now boast a variety of tempting treatments using chocolate, wine, coffee and honey as their main ingredients.
Over the years, scientists have (thankfully) discovered that chocolate is actually very good for us; it contains essential antioxidants (important for the prevention of heart disease, cancer and cell damage), vitamins, minerals and has a mild anti-depressant effect. Coffee and red wine are also a rich source of antioxidants.

Where to go…

The Moevenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut  offers a delectable ‘Chocoholic’ treatment, which starts with a full-body exfoliation of smooth dark chocolate and crushed almonds, followed by a chocolate massage and chocolate bath. The treatment ends with a sumptuous chocolate wrap.

Those with a sweet tooth can opt for the natural bee honey facial, which is available at the ultra-exotic Jetwing Lighthouse in Sri Lanka.

Good for the soul

So, when you begin to feel a little weighed down with faddy diets and unrealistic New Year’s resolutions, treat yourself to a tempting spa treatment – a lovely way to enjoy rich food without the calories.

Guilt-free treats – what more could you ask for?

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