Romantic break to Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa in Turkey

by Lauren Attwood
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Romantic break to Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa in Turkey 

Cast your mind out to a serene and beautiful place, with a landscape of vast natural rock formations that stretches out as far as the horizon takes the eye. This is what you will find at Turkey’s number one romantic getaway destination, the Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa in Uchisar. Since 4000 BC, native Anatolians have used the unique setting of Cappadocia to carve dwellings, monasteries and chapels into the rock faces, leaving behind a wonderful history for the modern age to enjoy. The Cappadocia Cave hotel is situated right in the heart of the peaks and valleys which makes it the perfect place to enjoy a special romantic break to Turkey this year.

Among the spectacular views, the Cappadocia Resort offers many things in and around the hotel; more than enough to satisfy any guest’s needs. The hotel’s main attraction, if you can tear your eyes away from the surrounding, is the LEEA Spa. Exclusive and private, it offers guests an unforgettable experience. The hamman ceremony epitomises the Turkish bathing traditions, where you lie on heated marble floors to start the relaxation process. Trained professionals then massage and remove dead skin with special mitts that stimulate and improve blood flow, which sends your body and mind to the highest state of calmness. Soak in the hot waters of the baths and slowly cleanse until you feel brand new. After feeling totally rejuvenated, make your way to the resort’s large heated pool. It boasts a full panoramic view of the stunning one-of-a-kind landscape of Cappadocia which is not to be missed. Take a break and quench your thirst at the poolside bar, which offers plenty of drinks and snacks to go perfectly with a mid-afternoon sunbathe on the terrace with your loved one. 

Guests have the choice of either double or twin rooms (around 20 of each) or a handful of exclusive suites with interiors elegantly decorated with stone; each room feels like a secluded cavern made just for two. 
The room designs are traditional and all come with complimentary wi-fi, an LCD Television and tea/coffee making facilities. Rooms also feature an in-room safe, the finest sheets and linen for your comfort and a hydro massage shower and/or bath tub. Guests can also lavish in the ultimate dining experience at the resort’s Padishah restaurant during their stay. The restaurant’s menu changes seasonally, and adapts to fit the current climate. When summer arrives, and the Anatolian gardens are in full bloom, there is no better taste than the Turkish cuisine offered to you at the Padishah. Not only will the food overwhelm your sheltered taste buds, but those with an acute pallet will revel in Cappadocia Cave’s selection of wines from the cellars below, guaranteed to stir a little romance into the air. Guests have the option to dine outdoors during the warmer months, giving you an opportunity to once again marvel at the breathtaking views. This can be done from inside as well, as the restaurant’s wall is made entirely of glass. 

If you are finding that work cannot escape you, there is no reason why you cannot have the best of both worlds. The Cappadocia Resort and Spa understands this, and has gone out of its way to provide their guests with the necessary tools and equipment to manage just about anything. The hotel provides three conference-and meeting-rooms, able to hold up to 130 people. Internet is accessible from all points, as well as a special events team to aid in any way possible. These rooms are ideal for events such as seminars and exhibitions. Leaving all work aside, this special break to Turkey offers so much more than just a resort and hotel with salt caves and spa treatments - visitors also looking for some adventure with their partner can find it without a doubt. Why not take a hot air balloon ride at sunset over the Fairy Chimneys, or go horseback riding together through vineyards and valleys? For an extended vacation, it is definitely worth taking the time to visit Göreme, home to the world’s largest air museum for aviation enthusiasts, and only a few kilometres from the hotel. 

The Cappadocia Cave Resort and Spa also offers facilities for weddings and other similar events to celebrate that special occasion. There is a professional team on hand to organise an unforgettable experience for any guest, couple or family all year round. Book your stay today and realise the potential that Turkey has to offer for your personal romantic break to one of the most amazing locations in the East.

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