A Luxury Romantic Getaway in the Cotswolds

by Beth Slynes

Looking for a special romantic weekend away in the Cotswolds? Is scorching heat and lobster red skin not your idea of romance? Why not try a traditional British getaway for two? With gorgeous countryside and quaint towns any couple will be sure to enjoy their luxury romantic getaway in the Cotswolds whatever the weather.

The Old Swan and Minster Mill is a beautiful hotel located in the Cotswolds, split into two buildings, it offers traditional suites in the Old Swan or modern suites in the Minster Mill; it is an ideal location for a couple’s getaway. Try a relaxing afternoon in the communal bars and seating areas, enjoy log fires with traditional style arm chairs and sofas while socialising with other couples, or just take in the atmosphere of this traditional luxury hotel. The Old Swan building has over 600 years of history, giving each room individual character and the unique atmosphere of a traditional English build. If you prefer a more modern setting the Minster Mill section of the hotel includes a more contemporary approach to design than the Old Swan but still manages to keep in tune with the traditional feel of the hotel. The hotel is located on the banks of the beautiful River Windrush, with wild flower meadows and enchanting gardens lining the mile long bank. It is the perfect place to stroll hand in hand with your partner and explore the beauty and tranquillity that the Cotswolds offer.

If you were looking for something a bit more private where you and your partner can stay alone for the duration of the trip then the cottages at Cotswold House are perfect for you. A two storey property located within steps of the main hotel offers the best place for a private retreat. Others include private hot tubs if a secluded cottage isn’t enough for your luxury romantic break in the countryside.

The rooms in the main hotel come with a large bed (some king size) and most include a sitting area with comfortable sofas, a TV and a fireplace, a wonderful setting for a leading weekend getaway in the Cotswolds.

The British countryside is the ideal place for nature walks, so if you wanted to escape for the afternoon, why not try a country walk along one of the many different scenic routes that the Cotswolds have to offer? Group and guided tours are available, or you can walk together and take in the beautiful scenery in the company of the one you love.

If the weather is nice why not visit Sudeley Castle once home to Catherine Parr one of Henry VIII many wives? Discover the amazing history or just enjoy the beautiful gardens and ruins that make up the grounds to the castle. Sudeley Castle is the optimum place for a private picnic for two in the luxurious well kept gardens which offer an enchanting setting.

Keynes Country Park is a popular destination for locals and visitors when the weather is warm. The park is made up of an enclosed beach surrounded by a picnic area, trees and greenery. On a warm summer evening Keynes Country Park offers a beautiful picturesque scene with the sun setting and the breeze blowing through the trees while you share a picnic dinner with your partner.

If you’re looking for a bit more excitement on your romantic weekend getaway in the Cotswolds why not visit the Cotswolds Wildlife Park and Gardens, with a number of different animal exhibits the wildlife park offers a bit more excitement than the more tranquil atmosphere of the area. However, in keeping with the green landscapes and many gardens which can be found in the Cotswolds, the wildlife park is also home to stunning gardens which are linked with particular animal exhibits. If you find yourself craving beautiful green surroundings, you won’t have to travel far to find it.

The Cotswolds is also home to a number of weird and wacky traditions that could make your weekend away that much more memorable. Hosting traditions such as woolsack racing, a relay race up a steep hill carrying a heavy woolsack, or cheese rolling, this consists of competitors chasing a 7lb cheese wheel down a steep hill. If you’re in the Cotswolds while these crazy races are going on, take a break from your hot tubs and king size beds to check out these truly memorable events. It’s sure to give you and your partner something to talk about when you get home from your luxury romantic getaway in the Cotswolds.

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