What is a honeymoon?

by Bruna Scuderi

We all expect newly married couples to leave the place where they normally live or work for exotic weekends away for couples shortly after the wedding ceremony.

But have you ever wondered why this is the case? Nowadays couples generally go on a vacation for a weekend or a much longer period of time either on the same day they got married or a few days later.

However, the tradition of resting after the ceremony is nothing new. According to the Torah and Bible, the holy books state that a man who just got married should be exempted from most of his usual duties in order to make his wife happy.

Having said that, the custom of going for a holiday after having married went through different stages: in Great Britain this was apparently also borrowed from Indian families who used to visit those who weren’t able to come to the wedding. And during the “golden age” it blossomed as a mass phenomena.

But what about now?

It could be easily argued that couples organizing their wedding for very long months are usually extremely tired so escaping their worries and duties while going on a weekend away for couples (or perhaps weeks away) may refresh them.

Moreover, some of these couples may plan to start a family soon or know that they both are going to be extremely busy in the following months.

Thus, taking time for their partner is a very sensible choice.

However, it is important to state that not all newly married couples choose relaxing destinations to go on their ideal honeymoon; some of them take the chance to go for an adventure together exploring new places and feelings.

For example, Marrakech is a popular honeymoon destination and yet itss main square is described as “ the largest and busiest night market and square in the world, full of snake charmers, music, mischievous monkeys, acrobats, and street food”.

Thus, climbing mountains or rowing in fast-flowing rivers are considered by some to be ideal romantic weekend escapes too. A recent list of the top ten honeymoon destinations had some surprising results:

1) A cruise towards Egypt and the Sinai 

2) A romantic weekend break in Tuscany, Rome or Venice

3) Hiking in Turkey

4) A safari in the African desert or an excursion in Kenya

5) A relaxing and high class holiday in Thailand or Indonesia;

6) Enjoying the Caribbean sea sweet caress

7) A drive in Scotland’s wild landscapes

8) A rewarding travel to Australia

9) Long walking days in the enchanting ancient Greece

10) Dancing tango in Buenos Aires

So whatever your choice is going to be, make sure you share the best experience ever with your partner to start your life together in the most amazing way.

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