Whirlwind romance ...

by Lorraine Buxton
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When work is hectic and life has become a routine, it is almost impossible to find time for romance. There are plenty of things we can do at home to make our partners feel appreciated, such as candlelit baths and home-cooked meals, but ultimately nothing beats a bit of escapism.

Just do it

We’re all victims of the ‘casual browse’. Picture the scene: you’re sitting at your desk during your lunch hour and you have thirty precious minutes to spare. In between hasty bites of sandwich, you browse several websites promoting unmissable weekend breaks, pausing briefly to fantasise about how lovely it would be to escape your hometown for three days with your beloved. So why don’t you just take the plunge and book? Often great deals can be found and you needn’t take any time off work. There’s really no excuse. Get online, find a gorgeous retreat and surprise your partner – revive the romance!

Make the most of your time

Grand gestures are always welcome – exotic holidays, five-course meals, the list is endless. But it’s the little things that can make a romantic getaway special. For example, find out if the hotel has an iPod dock and create a playlist of your partner’s favourite tracks before you leave, have fresh flowers and champagne delivered to the room before arrival, book a surprise spa treatment for your partner or enjoy a couples' massage if the hotel offers spa services.

Research the area you are visiting – where are the must-see places to visit? Are there any highly recommended restaurants and bars in the area? Avoid trudging around trying to cram in as much as possible – remember, it’s a romantic trip, not a race to see how many attractions you can visit.

Carry on at home

It’s always difficult to maintain the ‘holiday feeling’ when you return to reality, but do try. When you leave work, make sure you leave your work behind. If the weather is favourable, have a picnic with champagne and strawberries, if you’re lucky enough to have your own green space then enjoy your meals al fresco. Remember it’s the small things that count. Run a bath for your partner after an exhausting day in the office, or if you have kids, surprise your partner by booking a babysitter and making a dinner reservation for two…keep the romance alive!

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