Lake Maggiore - setting the perfect scene…

by Lorraine Buxton
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It’s all a matter of opinion, but when it comes to popping the question most people agree that the location is just as important as the question itself. Stunning scenery and luxurious surroundings set an idyllic scene and create the perfect romantic mood - so where better to do this than on the shores of Lake Maggiore?

Lake Maggiore

The second largest lake after Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore - also known as Verbano - is located in Italy and runs 13km north into Switzerland. This popular holiday destination is ideal for visitors who are looking for a breathtakingly beautiful place where they can explore small towns, islands, and gardens. The climate is mild and favourable both in summer and winter, producing lush vegetation and rare and exotic plants.

One of the most popular places to visit in the region is the Borromean Islands - a cluster of islands located near Verbania and Stresa. One of the highlights here is Isola Bella, which boasts a magnificent castle and stunning botanical garden. Visitors can take a sunset cruise along the lake, setting the perfect tone for a romantic trip.

Accommodation in Lake Maggiore

The best place to stay near the lake is The Hub Hotel, an exclusive hotel situated in Milan. With 162 rooms designed in a clean, modern Italian decor, The Hub Hotel offers comfort and luxury and views of the snow-capped Alps perfect for those who want to relax or travellers seeking a city hotel that showcases Milan's unique geographical position.

For more details, or to book your perfect romantic trip, click on the link below:

The Hub Hotel

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