Eco Honeymoon

by Jill Dixon
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When planning your honeymoon you hardly want a grubby old carbon footprint trailing around after you! To set the tone for your new life, plan a honeymoon that’s environmentally aware and as ‘green’ as possible.

Consider taking a break in the UK - cut down on air miles and splash out on a truly luxurious hotel complete with spa treatments and deluxe room service.

We like these hotels:

Lakeside Hotel

If you’re determined to travel further afield, take the Eurostar from St Pancras and choose from a variety of European destinations: TGV to the South of France or Elipsos from Paris to Barcelona or Madrid. There is also a route from Madrid to Lisbon giving you the opportunity to savour every second of your journey. Remember, you can’t appreciate these views from an aeroplane! Make sure you book a compartment for two and pack your own ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Some of our favourite European hotels include:

Hotel Barcelona Princess
The Westin Palace Madrid

If you’ve both been hankering after a tropical island escape, then flights for two are unavoidable. Why not set up carbon offsetting and ask your friends and family to contribute instead of giving traditional wedding gifts? Ask yourself how badly you and your beloved need two (guilt-free) weeks in the Maldives, or would you prefer a new kettle and toaster?

You could also try our honeymoon service, where friends and family can contribute towards your luxury hotel online:

Honeymoon Registry

While you and your new spouse spend time in an exotic corner of the world, you may wish to learn about the local people and the challenges they face. As you begin your new life together what better time to expand your horizons?

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