'Just married’

by Tristan Johnson

Photographer: Tristan Johnson

I do wedding photography as a small sideline to pay for my equipment but only do about 5 weddings a year. This particular picture was from a friend's wedding which I was doing as a gift for them. This was the couple's unofficial first dance. There was some nice music playing and they just decided to have a little dance. The ceiling was quite low with some spotlights in it and a saw the lighting opportunity for the shot. As soon as I captured it, I knew it was special. I converted it to black and white as the yellow tinge of the spotlight was distracting and I felt it was a much better image in black and white. The couple have enlarged this particular image and got it framed on their wall.

Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/niktriswedding/5571612545/in/pool-justmarriedpurecompetition/

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