'Just do it’

by David Lazar

Congratulations to David for this winning entry in the photography competition

Photographer: David Lazar

In Mrauk-U, Myanmar, a Novice Monk shows us that his imagination is in full flight as he engages in some martial arts on a stick of bamboo just outside of his monastery. His energy was tireless as he came running over to me after each 'vault' to check out all of the frames on the camera, and kept going back to do it again and again. I used a multiple frame shooting mode on my Nikon D700 camera to get a lot of different poses captured and could therefore choose the best moment of high flying action.

While in Myanmar I sought out monasteries and temples in various cities and towns in the hope to meet some monks. I found myself being proudly shown around ancient monasteries where the monks grow up and live, and on several occasions invited to sit down and eat with them.

The novices were especially friendly and playful, and I wanted to capture these moments alongside the meditative and contemplative characteristics which are fundamental to Buddhism. The novice monks all grow up together in their monasteries, forming a brotherhood of close connections. They eat, pray, become educated, play and live together, and for potentially decades they form a new family.

When I captured this photo, it was late afternoon and a chance coincidence to find some novice monks who were having fun playing outside their monastery as the sun went down.

Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/purehotels/5573491281/in/pool-1614688@N20/

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