‘Appreciation of the past’

by Graham Harris Graham

Photographer: Graham Harris Graham

Linlithgow is the name of a ruined Royal Palace & the town which surrounds it in West Lothian, Scotland. The name Linlithgow means ‘the loch in the damp hollow’. The location has a history of occupation reaching back at least to Roman times 2,000 years ago. David I (1124–53) was the first monarch to build a royal residence on the site. He also founded the town that sprang up in its shadow.

The building of the royal palace in West Lothian, Scotland began in 1424 by King James I. The palace served as the royal nursery for James V (born 1512), Mary Queen of Scots (born 1542) and Princess Elizabeth (born 1596). But after 1603, when James VI moved the royal court to London following his coronation as James I of England, the palace fell quickly into decline. The end came 1745, when a fire swept through it. Its haunting ruins are currently in the care of Historic Scotland.

I waited for an autumnal morning when conditions were calm & there was a good chance of some mist. This was shot just as the sun broke the horizon, illuminating the upper portions of the east wall. Originally shot in colour, I converted it to B&W to accentuate the form & presence of the building.

Link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/grahamharrisgraham/5496863306/in/pool-1641373@N23/

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