A luxury guide to a singleton's Christmas getaway

by Matt Sims
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Christmas without the other Clause:

The guide to avoiding Christmas

Christmas is not a one day event. Instead it dominates our lives before we even have a chance to put the BBQ away at the end of August. With so much pressure around this holiday it can be a difficult time of year, especially if your cosy Christmas plan for two is now a cold Christmas for one. But remember, if this is your first Christmas in a newly single domestic set up, there are other options available. If your husband is no longer sat in front of you engulfing his third Selection box and your wife isn’t stressing about where your mother is going to sit during Christmas lunch, this is your opportunity to escape; get away to a different world without turkey, crackers and nightmare spouses. Experience a luxury spa getaway for one in Thailand or a 5 star city escape for the new you in Dubai. While it may not always seem it, the world has so much more to offer in late December than an overweight man eating a mince pie (and I don’t mean you).


Travel across northern Thailand on an elephant trek, experiencing the Golden Triangle and all the cultural history that it has to offer. The experience couldn’t be any further from a wet and windy December in Europe. The amount of activity you engage in is completely up to you. You could experience an outdoors adventure amongst stunning natural beauty or simply enjoy spa treatments at one of the many 5 star luxury resorts that Thailand has to offer.


To truly avoid any sign of Christian tradition during December, an Indian adventure would be an ideal choice. A visit to New Delhi takes you on a spiritual journey to explore the four main religions that engulf Indian life: Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Jainism. You will leave feeling enlightened, with a fresh perspective on everything (or everyone) you’ve left behind in grey old England.


Featured in the breathtaking opening sequence of Skyfall, take your own Bond-style trip to Istanbul. The charming city has enough cultural highlights to fill all your curiosity. With the added bonus that Turkey does not celebrate Christmas, why not venture to one of the luxury beach resorts? Whether you’re looking for your own Bond girl or simply topping up your tan, the golden coasts provide stunning scenes overlooking the deep blue sea of the Mediterranean Ocean.

Las Vegas

Although many of the Vegas resorts offer festive packages, there is still plenty of opportunity to avoid Christmas altogether. The legendary partying mecca will still offer everything you expect when you imagine a Prince Harry-style trip to Sin City. The clubs will still be raving, the bars still open and the casinos available for a flutter on the poker tables. However, considering your motivation for this holiday perhaps a visit to the Little White Chapel wouldn’t be the best idea.


Party away the Christmas blues in Brazil’s party capital. Although Brazil is traditionally a Catholic country that takes the holiday seriously, celebrating on a beach sipping cocktails is a vast improvement to Christmas pudding in front of the TV. The huge parties that continue throughout December will add to the sun, sea and golden beaches that make Rio de Janeiro an ideal singleton’s Christmas getaway.


Offering the ultimate in 5 star luxuries, Dubai provides the perfect escape from a western Christmas. The ever increasing city skyline provides breathtaking views of the landscape that put many other cities in the shadows. The city provides endless entertainment; high class shopping, fine dining restaurants and thrill seeking water parks, all of which are perfect for keeping your mind off of those relationship woes. The climate also couldn’t be more different from the UK, as the warm heat of the Dubai weather will make you forget about anything snow related.

Bora Bora

There is only one word to describe the Tahitian islands of Bora Bora; paradise! The turquoise ocean and luxury spa resorts make this the ultimate destination for newly single relaxation and escaping the dreary weather of the United Kingdom. Bora Bora allows you to snorkel through the stunning coral reefs exploring the wonders of the ocean or simply sit in a bar admiring the landscape with a cocktail in hand.

Where to Stay?

For a 5 star outdoors break in Thailand we recommend The Anantara Resort Golden Triangle in Chaing Saen. If it is a special heritage holiday in New Delhi that interests you this Christmas then stay at The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa, New Delhi, while if your Christmas is going to be spent on a luxury city escape in Dubai then visit the Majestic Hotel Tower Dubai. Finally, for one of the best spa resorts in Turkey stay at the Hillside Beach Club in Fethiye.

If all else fails then the alternative is rent out a private island in the Indian Ocean and wait until the January sales are over.

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