Take a vineyard tour

by Jill Dixon
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Do you know the essential difference between a Rioja and a Riesling? A Gewürztraminer and Vinho Verde?

A wine’s country of origin can make a huge impact on flavour as well as price. As you might imagine, the journey from grape to glass is a fascinating process, so why not take a vineyard tour, you'll learn about wine making and get to see where the true magic happens.

Offering three tours and a relaxed approach to wine and winemaking, Camel Valley vineyard in Cornwall, produces award-winning wines right here in the UK. They are winding down for the season at this time of year, but book ahead for next summer and sample their Cornwall Brut.


Looking to combine a short break with a trip to the Continent? Check out rural Portuguese life while learning about port and the ‘new wave’ of table wines. The tour includes a picnic lunch as well as tastings!


Combine your love of wine with BBQ's and biltong. With the option to hire a personal guide, get set for wine tasting in South Africa.


Dreaming of Californian sunshine and scenic cycling? Taste the wares, educate your palate and burn off some calories.


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