What is a great hotel?

by Bruna Scuderi

Choosing a great hotel is always the most important part of any vacation, whether you're on a honeymoon trip, a family holiday or a weekend break.

Finding the right hotel that suits the perfect holiday isn't always easy, and many times a post-holiday review has been less-than-favourable about hotels that were not truly great.

For an example, if you’re in Italy and you've spent the whole day visiting historic monuments or travelling through the picturesque countryside, you should expect to find facilities in your great hotel or resort that allows you to relax and fully enjoy your rest time. 

If you have chosen a pure luxury hotel, it is reasonable to expect more sophisticated facilities, better than those normally available in your average 'good quality' accommodation(a telephone, minibar and TV).

You should expect a concierge to help you during the check-in as well as use of the swimming pool and fitness rooms if they have one. Moreover, there should be an elegant restaurant within the hotel for guests to dine in as well as your everyday mod-cons like surfing the internet in your room, attending meetings in the conference rooms or in the spa.

The quality of the services you use should be regularly checked by internal inspections. And in case you want to leave the hotel to have your lunch or dinner at a local establishment, reception should be open 24 hours a day and the staff should be able to communicate with you in one or more of the most common European languages. 

Moreover, you can expect all great hotels to be found in amazing locations or hosted in richly decorated traditional buildings. However, it should be considered that the highest status attainable from a hotel is awarded only when the resort offers a superior customer service. 

Accordingly, the world's best hotels will provide you with personalised services such as golf courses, gourmet meals, spa and sauna rooms, kids facilities or simply easy access to popular nature or tourist destinations. 

So when it comes to finding the great hotel of your dreams, make sure it fits these requirements.

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