Drive in style

by Rebecca Lori

Prior to a holiday, most of us are guilty of spending a bit too much money on new clothes. We might buy designer luggage and have an expensive haircut, and it all comes down to one thing – we want to look good.

Even our holiday choices reflect our need to look and feel great. We like to stay in luxury contemporary hotels and spend our days bronzing our toned bodies on fabulous beaches.

There is one area, however, where most of us forget about how we look. An area where most of us blindly accept looking (day we say) average.

Let us clarify…

Picture this common scenario: you’ve arrived at your chosen holiday destination, you’ve done your hair and you’re wearing your smart airplane outfit, you’re looking good. You approach the car rental desk and pick up the keys to your car, only to discover that it is practically a tin can on wheels. For the duration of your trip you have to drive around looking decidedly average and un-cool. All of the previous effort with clothing and designer haircuts suddenly seems worthless.

Majestic motors

Let’s face it, driving a gorgeous car would not only make you look great, it would also make the whole driving experience more fun. Visualise a hot day cruising around in a vintage red MG – what could be better?

Research the options before you leave for your trip. Many car hire companies offer superb fleets of classic, sports or luxury cars. They’re an absolute joy to drive and will make your luxury trip all the more memorable.

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