Creating lasting holiday memories…

by Rebecca Lori

Going on holiday is a wonderful experience and the memories we bring back should be something to cherish. Make the most of your next trip and create a memory box containing holiday items that will last forever…

How to create a memory box

Your memory box is like a time capsule – each item encapsulated within should tell its own story. You don’t have to use a container; a scrapbook can also be an effective way of storing essential holiday details too.

The next time you take a trip somewhere special, make sure you make a little space in your suitcase to hold a few items that you would like to bring back.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Collect attractive shells from the beach, but be mindful of the natural environment (ie only take items washed up on the shore and don’t take coral from the sea)
  • If you use a specific perfume or suncream during your holiday then set a little bottle aside for your memory box – odours are scientifically proven to bring back strong, emotional memories. Try this at home – if you have a bottle of sun tan lotion that you’ve used before, close your eyes and take a deep sniff of the bottle, you’ll find yourself flooded with memories of a previous trip! If you’re creating a scrapbook then perhaps spray perfume onto the back of a postcard
  • Don’t just take photos of yourself and the people you are with. Make sure you get some good quality shots of the area - quirky images that will help you remember the atmosphere, shop signs, market stalls, local people, local transport and the local cuisine
  • Save tourist leaflets of the places you visited
  • Keep hotel information, such as business cards and leaflets, when you look back on your wonderful holiday, you can then remember where you stayed
  • Textures can really enhance your memory box, save a tiny bottle of sand or a piece of sarong

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