One last treat

by Lucy Gough-Jones

This story is part of our 'Funny Spa Stories' series, featuring tales from luxury hotel guests which were sent in for our travel writing competition.

Photo by Zenubud.


I had been travelling with my best friend around South East Asia when we went to Bali. We arrived in Candidasa, a beautiful picturesque village by the sea and got stuck-in with different activities, such as diving and snorkelling. Eventually, we were ready to relax, but after walking around the village in the searing heat for two hours looking for an ATM, a local informed us that the nearest one was in the next village. After consulting our guide book, we discovered it was seven miles away! So we got a motorbike taxi to take us, fitting three of us on and driving at dangerous speeds around the windy roads, dodging monkeys.

An hour later, we arrived back in Candidasa, sweating, sticky and miserable. But we had cash and were alive! We decided on "one last treat" at a posh restaurant that evening and thought it would be a good idea to have a massage so went into a lovely little cottage-like building, with lotus flowers everywhere and little fountains.

We were shown into a dark yet refreshing spa room, which was cool and relaxing. The trickle of water could be heard and birds were gently singing in the surrounding trees. We were given towels and surprisingly told to take all our clothes off. I, confused, pointed to my bikini top and bottoms, saying "Off?" The two women nodded and began to untie our tops but we managed to usher them out and took our clothes off, lying on our fronts, giggling.

The women came back in, immediately pulled our towels off to reveal our naked bodies, and began massaging a luscious smelling papaya scrub into our skin. But we were naked! We could not stop laughing as papaya was massaged into our naked buttocks but assured one another that we’d be covered when we had to turn over, so tried to enjoy the experience.

Towels were placed over us and we were asked to roll onto our backs and the women looked away, salvaging what modesty we had left. Once we were comfortable though, off came the towels, causing raucous laughter once again! We were lying on our backs, naked, in a tiny cave-like room, covered in papaya! Although it was relaxing, I giggled my way through the forty-five minute massage, squealing if they got too close to anywhere.

Finally, the women told us to go into another room. We immediately covered ourselves and practically ran into the room, to find it empty apart from a hose pipe. All of a sudden, our towels were ripped from our grasps and the hose pipe was turned on and pointed at us. It was freezing and surprisingly powerful. With papaya scrub all over us we began to slip. We tried to hold on to one another to stand, screaming and laughing, however as we were both covered in papaya, our arms were slippery, and we both fell in a naked heap, roaring with laughter, with the hose pipe still spraying us.

Safe to say, after the meal that evening, we decided "one last treat" was more than enough!

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