If you don't know what it is, don't pull it

by Ann Bryant

This story is part of our 'Funniest hotel experiences' series, featuring tales from luxury hotel guests which were sent in for our recent travel writing competition. Photo by Steven De Polo.


It was my first trip abroad, a combo cruise of the Mediterranean, with a few days in paris. The cruise was amazing and took me to my native Croatia for the first time. Upon my arrival in Paris we checked into the Hotel Lancaster near the Arc de Triomphe.

The suite was so spacious and looked out onto a lovely walled garden. The bathroom was where it was at though, especially after the miniscule bath on the cruise ship. Glistening white marble beckoned me as I filled the large sunken bathtub for a good long soak. The bathtub had several sets of levers and knobs to control the water. At one point I decided to turn on the shower to rinse my hair, and I yanked strongly on the cord. No water, so I pulled again. No go. About this same time I heard someone running in the hallway, suddenly my door flies open and a hotel employee is standing in my bathroom, there to rescue me! I had been pulling the emergency cord, not the shower control. I screamed, he screamed and I learned not to pull the cord unless you know what it is for. Ah Paris.

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