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by Laurene Mondet

International adventures are a great way to make a mountain of memories. The key to a successful family trip is to make sure everyone is happy, including the parents. Here are the best family destinations in Europe when travelling with infants, toddlers or adolescents.


 The best thing about travelling with infants is that you can go wherever you want because they are still too young to complain! Enjoy your freedom while it lasts and try a luxury romantic break in Europe.

Algarve, Portugal
Portugal and its many resorts are perfect for parents with their new born baby. A baby-friendly hotel, fully equipped and providing child care can be helpful if you want to enjoy a cosy night out with your loved one. We recommend you the Vale d’Oliveiras Quinta Resort & Spa for the best romantic holiday in Portugal. Here are the best three things to do while travelling with infants.

1. A cultural day out

One important thing to know when you have an infant is that museums are not your enemies! Parents with a babe in arms are generally allowed to go to the front of the line at museums and avoid the long queues. We recommend you visit the regional museum of Lagos which is a highly entertaining ethnographic gallery boasting a fantastic collection of oddities, rarities and priceless treasures including Roman mosaics, Moorish oil lamps and pottery and European weapons.

2. Silves and its medieval charm

Silves is a beautiful enchanting medieval city nestled in the hillside and topped off with the most magnificent of castles. You can also walk along the river banks and enjoy a romantic moment or two.

3. Don’t rush away from Faro!

If you are in Faro, do not leave without a visit to the waterfront. It is very pretty, with stunning views across the Ria Formosa lagoon. This nature reserve is a stopping place for hundreds of different birds during the spring and autumn migratory periods. This is definitely the place to go for a peaceful, relaxing moment and eventually to take great photography of your perfect family. Experience a special outdoors getaway in Faro that will leave you breathless.



Toddlers are active but the good news for travellers is that they are also easily entertained. The challenge is finding properties that have open, safe areas for them to explore. Lots of European cities are perfect if you are looking for suitable activities for toddlers.
Istanbul, Turkey
Many of Istanbul’s most child friendly activities are within easy reach of the city and in case you are staying in a hotel with a concierge, they can help arrange connections, tickets and more. For a perfect stay, we recommend you the Moevenpick Hotel. Here are some ideas for a special family getaway in Turkey.

1. A visit to Istanbul Forum

A can’t-miss activity for toddlers generally includes animals and water. In Istanbul, one attraction is combining both: a giant aquarium, located in one of Europe’s largest shopping centres -with thousand of species including sharks and octopus. You can feel like you’re walking on the ocean floor thanks to a tunnel surrounded by water. That unusual activity will make your toddler’s day and probably yours!

2. A stop at Istanbul toy museum

A delightful activity for kids and parents. The museum is situated inside a historic wooden mansion and houses over 4,000 toys belonging to Akin, a Turkish poet and author, whose personal collection was sourced from around the world.

3. Miniaturk: the world’s largest miniature park

This open-air miniature park contains no less than 105 scale models, all 1/25th of the original Istanbul, Anatolian and Ottoman structures, which let you and your children discover the most famous landmarks of the city. The park also features a labyrinth and a playground perfect for a special outdoors break in Istanbul.



Travelling with teenagers is not an easy part mostly because high-schoolers are so stubborn! If this European trip is not their idea, your enthusiasm can become the enemy. To make it work, involve them in the decision making. Consider your teen's suggestions and make real concessions. Here are recommendations for a leading city break in Spain – we recommend you Le Meridien Ra Beach Hotel&Spa ideally located on a stunning beach.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona is one of the best destinations with teenagers. Here are examples of what you could do with them in this wonderful Spanish city.

1. Discover the Montjuic Parc and Foundation Joan Miró

The park is very large, and you can admire the Mediterranean sea view or find the perfect spot for a picnic. After lunch we recommend you go to the Foundation Miró, a must-see gallery where the paintings and sculptures appeal to teens and adults alike. At the end of the day, watch the sound and light show at monumental Magic Fountain, a dazzling display of gushing water and constantly changing colours, accompanied by music; a perfect day for the best city break in Spain.

2. Strolling the streets of Barcelona

Barcelona is full of famous places such as Las Ramblas or the Gothic quarter. Your children will enjoy shopping and the performances all along the walk, while you can spot the amazing Gaudí buildings, which are unmistakable.

3. Surfing on the Mediterranean

After days spent tramping the city a well-deserved beach visit is waiting for you. If you are not a sporty person, you can also sunbathe on the beach while your teens enjoy some extraordinary moments surfing.

Thanks to all those recommendations, you will experience the best city break in Europe with your family. No time to lose, take some time off and book your perfect holiday!

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