Making culture child's play...

by Kate Elliott
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Persuading your children into a day of culture can be a difficult task for any parent, so focus on making it an entertaining experience. Many of the most luxurious destinations around the globe offer a day of family entertainment without the “Quiet” and “Do Not Touch” signs. Here are a few suggestions to keep the kids happy as well as educated while you're away:

Brooklyn Children's Museum - New York

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum was established in 1829 and was the nation’s first institution designed specifically for children. Here, children are encouraged to explore the relationships between culture, technology and the environment.

Permanent exhibits include a “People Tube”, the “Animal Diner” and the “Interactive Night Journeys” exhibit. You may even be lucky enough to enjoy one of the drop-in workshops or craft events that are occasionally held throughout the museum.

Where to stay:

Algonquin Hotel

Central Park - New York

More than just a park, this historic NYC attraction contains over 843 acres of paths, lakes and wide open spaces. Central Park offers more than magnificent scenery - it contains Belvedere Castle, Central Park Zoo and Tisch Children’s Zoo and it doesn’t stop there - you can also take boat and carriage rides, admire statues and watch regular concerts.

The Original London Sightseeing Tour - Kids' Club

One of the best ways to capture the culture of London is on the top deck of a big red bus. With the help of the Kids' Club it has been made an entertaining family day out. The commentaries are especially designed for children and there's a special appearance from a London ghost! Every child receives a free fun pack with an activity/quiz book accompanied by their very own “passport” to London.

Where to stay:

The Landmark London

Tate Modern - London

Art and culture in top form, with their new “Family Zone” you can introduce your little ones to the world of art. There are books to browse, games to play and activity packs to fill out on your way around the gallery. Accompanied with a range of activities in which they invite you to explore the world of art and create your own pieces - this is a great way to find out what those mischievous little minds are made of.

Where to stay:

The Rookery

Eiffel Tower - Paris

Despite being the most obvious of Paris’ attractions, it truly does hold a unique experience for any child. Not only are the views spectacular but there are plenty of smaller cultural experiences back on base for you to enjoy -with puppet shows, maze-like gardens, monuments and fountains.

Where to stay:

La Villa Maillot

Les Etoiles du Rex - Paris

Built in 1932 on Paris’ Grands Boulevard, the biggest cinema in Europe offers a unique tour allowing your children to acquire a behind-the-scenes look at the French film industry. A specially constructed children’s tour supplies your young ones with games, activity packs and a cinematic experience they will never forget.

Where to stay:

Les Jardins du Marais

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