Travelling with teenagers...

by Rebecca Lori
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Travelling with a teenager can be a challenging experience, but the good news is that it needn’t be this way. With a little bit of preparation and a relaxed attitude, fun and laughter is guaranteed!

Top tips for travelling with a teenager:

  • Book a hotel which offers plenty of family-friendly entertainment: watersports, diving, water parks & evening entertainment.
  • Make sure that they have plenty to keep themselves occupied for the journey: books, magazines, MP3 players, and handheld game consoles are generally well received amongst teens! Pack a few travel games too - playing cards together will keep the whole family entertained for hours.
  • Remember that teenagers are on the brink of adulthood, so give them some responsibility – let them choose an activity or restaurant for all of the family to enjoy.
  • Teenagers often want their own space: get an adjoining room or even better, try booking adjacent rooms so you’re near enough to keep an eye on them but far enough to give them their own space.
  • Bend the rules! You’re on holiday and arguments are best avoided, so keep the peace and ignore the fact that they want a lie in or only want to eat dessert!
  • If arguments do occur then try not to dwell on them, this will only cause tension during your holiday.

Some of our favourite hotels for families:

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