Champagne and golf

by Wouter Liekens

This story is part of our 'Embarrassing Golf Stories' series, featuring tales from luxury hotel guests which were sent in for our travel writing competition.

Photo by Marlon Bunday.


Set in the outskirts of Brussels, the prestigious Golf du Chateau de la Bawette stands out as one of the great golf destinations in Belgium.

The Taste Cup, organized by yours truly, then Director of Operations for Hilton, was about to start with the first flight teeing off at 8.30am sharp.

The sun slightly peeked through the clouds and a fresh breeze was slowly but surely becoming warmer.

It was about to become a spectacular day, ideal golfing conditions, the course splendidly trimmed.

Fast greens, and razed fairways, sloping up and down through the forest. What a day!

Inside, breakfast and coffee were served.

The first flight was ready to tee-off, with the marshal next to them explaining a couple of the local rules, and off they went.

When, finally, my turn came the whole course was full with players swinging and putting their best.

Set just above the green of the 18th hole a nice table full with glasses and iced champagne bottles to be served to the thirsty golfers awaited.

When I finally arrived at hole 18, I was about to make my approach when I noticed a small group of people had gathered to see what would happen.

Nervous, I took my backswing and while descending looked up, topping the ball in full swing with my wedge, catapulting the white projectile right into the direction of the table full of champagne bottles!

The ball went straight into the little crowd with a tremendous velocity as it had been hit with a three wood.

The bang against the punchbowl could be heard all over the course and a couple of bottles lost their heads spraying champagne over the little crowd that came out of their cover position.

“FOOOOOREEE” came just a little bit too late.

Laughter all around.

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