The state of modern spas

by Bruna Scuderi

Spas are very popular establishments mainly used nowadays for beauty or health treatments. However, they also represent a rooted tradition that was adopted and subsequently significantly popularised in ancient Greek times.

Accordingly, basic instruments for personal hygiene, such as bathtubs and basins, have been found among this population. Water definitely plays a fundamental role in the use of the spa as it is considered to have healing properties, especially by Europeans and the Japanese.

Moreover, nowadays the role of the spa has gone beyond the idea of personal cleansing and is more connected to the expectation that a visit can allow you to treat your body inside out and also have an impact on your emotional balance and relieve you from your daily pressure.

Thus, the Japanese tradition of hot springs baths, which are still now greatly used by common people, has been ideally replaced in the west by very diverse treatments. We already made reference to the top 10 strangest spa treatments so what we are going to briefly evaluate here is what makes a spa modern.

First of all the spa should be located not far from other kinds of attractions such as venues where you can play your favourite sport (this is particularly true if you are a married couples who want to spend their day in a very different way).

Additionally the spa should contain some fun activities so that this experience will never turn boring; this point is often determined by the spa structure and designed functions. In this respect, a spa could be considered excellent if it stands in close proximity to a luxury hotel or better if it is part of it. Moreover, a spa often offers the possibility to use the sauna and beauty salons.

Accordingly, if you want to have a spa day you will probably often find treatments such as aromatherapy, mud baths, steam baths, massages, wraps made of curative herbs, waxing (including in some cases the North African waxing technique of using hot caramel) but also relaxation and yoga and even personal training sessions or nutrition help. There is plenty to discover so keep these tips in mind when looking for a great spa.

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