Six spiritual retreats

by Eche Egbuonu
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Planning a holiday can often be as stressful as the work you're trying to escape from. So consider heading somewhere that's good for body, mind AND soul. Go the extra mile and make your next holiday a spiritual retreat, a life-altering experience that allows you to reconnect with the creative and gentler aspects of yourself that all too often get neglected.

Creative retreat in Andalucía

In Andalucía, Spain, Irish writer and artist Meg Robinson provides personal and guided retreats that focus on breaking down the barriers holding back creative potential and resting and re-energizing the body and mind. Situated in a captivating, isolated mountain township this retreat house has not been touched by tourism. Hotel Barcelo Sancti Petri is perfect for a leading lakes and mountains escape in Spain.

The mountain landscape and serene atmosphere provide a foundation for the creation of new ideas or simply the renewing of creative energies. There will be moments spent in nature and in the studio, times of music and of silence during this special nature getaway in Andalucia.

Discover the enchanting Isle of Avalon

This special outdoor adventure in Glastonbury will bring you closer to nature as you explore some of Britain’s most sacred sites. This transformative journey seeks to highlight the previous lessons that you have learnt and then channel the energy as you move forward with your life. 

The historic significance of these landmarks is one of the key components of this retreat. Some of the sites that are explored during this journey include Avebury Stone Circle, West Kennet Longbarrow and Stonehenge. Exploring the history of these wonderful sites and discovering their significance is a powerful experience that will last a lifetime.

Portuguese Yurt holidays

There isn’t a more suitable way of getting back in tune with nature without foregoing comforts than residing in a traditional yurt in a secluded setting. If you are looking for the best natural retreat in Portugal then a yurt holiday may be your ideal destination. A yurt is a portable dwelling with wooden frames.

Traditional Mongolian yurts are available for rent on a sustainable development in the conservation reserve of the Serra d´Açor, Portugal. Spectacular waterfalls, mountain hiking trails and well-preserved old villages are all in the vicinity. The yurt holiday is great an excellent choice for a personal retreat. This eco friendly holiday can provide you with a special outdoors getaway in Portugal.

Meditation in Colorado

Studies have shown that various forms of meditation can lower cholesterol, alleviate soreness, and enhance the immune system. It can also aid in slaying the 'demons' of depression, apprehension and the removal of negative thoughts that cloud the mind. By practicing meditation, you can be left feeling more energized, gain knowledge of the self and attain a healthier state of mind.

Colorado’s Shambhala Mountain Centre is a camp where nature's beauty encourages spiritual-physical relaxation. Distinguished Buddhists help visitors develop empathetic head-space among rural edifices and ponderosa pines. Meditation is the focal point; however it’s also possible to get a feel for Chinese Qigong and different forms of yoga.

Find sanctuary in Costa Rica

White Cloud Sanctuary is a Daoist Temple in Costa Rica that teaches Tai Chi and other Chinese martial arts. It is a serene mountain retreat and eco haven situated on top of the small town of Santa Ana. The Sanctuary delivers stunning sightlines of the distant vale, Heredia Mountains and the Poas Volcano. Enjoy intense one-on-one Tai Chi sessions during your special outdoor holiday in Costa Rica

A strong emphasis is placed first on building a Chi or an energy flow, then taking that energy into a moving space or form. You will learn about the relationship between the spiritual, mental and structural with an introduction to the martial art. Through this you should hopefully gain insight to your inner centre which can enhance your awareness of relationships to people and how you approach everyday life.

World Class Adventure Retreat in Utah

Naturally intertwined within a landscape of vibrant red rock cliffs and chasms of southern Utah, the Red Mountain Resort provides all you need to unwind and revive your passion for adventure. Situated in 55 acres of black lava rock and aromatic mesquite, each guest experiences picturesque panorama of the adjacent mountains.

This retreat shares characteristics to traditional holiday getaways but there are still plenty of opportunities to engage in life classes and other stimulating events. The mesmerising spiral labyrinth and walking trails offer a chance to reflect and simultaneously discover the greatness of this wonderful locale.

The resort is situated near the Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks which offer a wonderful exhibit of desert animal life, distinctive botanicals and fascinating rock formations. Visit the Red Mountain resort for a leading weekend adventure in Utah.

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