Four adrenaline-inducing activities in Australia

by Eche Egbuonu

Australia is synonymous with, sun, sand, and surfing, but it's also ideal for an outdoor adventure. Do you consider yourself an adrenaline junkie? Does the prospect of plunging several hundred feet into a vast abyss fill you with a strange thrill? Maybe the idea of free-falling from with 100mph winds drowning out your voice excites you. 

If that's the case, make this summer one to remember. Or, if you’re the other side of the spectrum, this is an opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and discover a different type of fun. Read our guide on four extreme activities you can undergo as part of a special outdoor break in Australia.

Bungee jumping in Queensland.

Queensland, the home of adventure in Australia, is host to the best bungee spot in the country. The 164 feet Cairns Bungee tower has seen thousands of bungee jumpers pushed to the limit whilst laughing in the face of gravity.

This bungee site is situated 15 minutes north of Cairns in the centre of a dense tropical forest. The mountains, foliage and natural waterfall flowing into the pond provide a perfect backdrop to relax in after your tower jump. The Cairns site is more than just bungee jumping, with an innovative jump menu that features sixteen jump styles; from the classic swan dive to roof and bicycle jumps that will satisfy your craving for adrenaline inducing action.

From the top of the 160ft tower you can see out over the Northern Beaches and out to the Great Barrier Reef. Whether it’s your first time jumping or you’re a seasoned thrill seeker, you can find a jump that will take you out of your comfort zone. Even though this experience only lasts a few moments, you will be left with a priceless memory that you can share with friends and family. Visit the Cairns bungee site as part a leading nature getaway in Australia.

Skydiving in Byron bay

Tandem skydiving defines living life on the edge, and there is no better place to push your body to the limit than on the stunning east coast of Australia. The best skydiving experience awaits you at Byron Bay, the number one skydiving destination in the country. A large plane ensures a comfortable flight over the bay with plenty of room for your friends and family to share a special outdoor break in New South Wales. Advances in technology allow you to forever preserve your skydiving experience by having your tandem skydive filmed.

After your plane departs, take in those picturesque sights of the Australian hinterland with the knowledge that imminently you will be soaring through the air at 120mph. Freefall provides individuals with an opportunity to cheat gravity and has to be experienced to be truly understood. As you make the gravity defying jump you may gain a new perspective on life during this exhilarating experience.

Paragliding in Queensland

At one point in time we have all wondered what it would feel like to fly like a bird. The closest we humans can get to this sensation is paragliding. Whether you would like to soar across Victoria’s spectacular high country or enjoy Queensland’s beautiful coastal views, the stage is set for you to enjoy a special natural getaway in Australia.

Tandem flights do not require prior flight practice and can be enjoyed by everybody. It is straightforward to do and within moments you will be enjoying a special outdoor adventure in Australia that will provide you with excitement and unforgettable memories. The average time you will be airborne is around 35 minutes which will provide you with ample time to glide around and take in this exhilarating experience. Once you lift you will leave behind the stress and drama that life provides. Reclaiming this freedom is an integral part of what makes paragliding such a wonderful activity. Make sure you try tandem paragliding this year where a special outdoor adventure in Queensland awaits you.

Abseiling in the Blue Mountains

100 kilometres west of Sydney lies one of nature's most brilliant creations; the heritage site of the Blue Mountains. In this region there are expansive stretches of stone cliffs, striking waterfalls and veiled canyons; a setting of stunning natural beauty.

It provides a fantastic backdrop for an exhilarating abseiling experience, a spine-tingling activity that tests an individual’s nerve, technique, and trust. Australian abseiling is different to traditional abseiling in the sense that it involves descending the rope in an upright position while facing the ground. Amid stunning views you will experience a huge adrenalin rush explore the rocky terrain. Many people have claimed that abseiling among other activities left them feeling refreshed, with a sense of renewed confidence in themselves. Perhaps the juxtaposition of natural beauty with the unusual perspective is what makes Blue Mountain abseiling such a rewarding experience. Make sure you rappel in the Blue Mountains if you want to experience the best travel adventure in Queensland.

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