Seven Natural Wonders of the World

by Beth Slynes
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If typical holidays in the sun have lost their appeal, and you don’t have any idea where to start look no further: the Seven Natural Wonders of the World are known for their breathtaking beauty and amazing history. The Seven Natural Wonders of the World are truly a perfect outdoor holiday destination.

The Seven Natural Wonders include; the Northern Lights in Iceland, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, the Paricutin volcano in Mexico, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Mount Everest in the Himalayas, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and Guanabara Bay in Brazil. Each one is a great destination for the adventurous holiday goer.

The Northern Lights - The spectacular wonder of the Northern Lights is a perfect destination for someone who is tired of those ever popular sun holidays. Often appearing as glowing sheets and dancing waves, it is a breathtaking sight. The only way to experience the lights is by travelling up to the Northern Hemisphere, within the Arctic Circle. The best dates to experience the lights in their full glory would be between March and April, and September and October.

Hotels in Iceland – The award winning four-star Hotel Ranga is located in the south of Iceland and provides any visitor a great view of the Northern Lights. Ideal for visitors seeking adventure, it offers beautiful scenery in a comfortable hotel while being perfectly located for discovering everything that south Iceland has to offer. Natural sights such as glaciers, volcanoes fish villages and much more are accessible by various forms of transport such as ATV motorbikes, and ‘super jeep tours’. Offering you the chance for the best outdoors holiday in Iceland.

Grand Canyon - The Grand Canyon is a massive gorge in Arizona by the Colorado River. The water-worn rocks form a unique swirling pattern and, paired with the canyon’s size and the beautiful colours from the natural surroundings; it truly deserves the title of natural wonder, a great place for the perfect outdoor holiday. The canyon has various lookout points that offer visitors a spectacular view. Ways to explore the canyon include hiking or travelling by mule.

Paricutin – The Paricutin is a stunning volcano located in Mexico. The volcano is the youngest in America, and its birth was witnessed by a human which explains its place in the seven natural wonders. To explore Paricutin a 12 mile trip to the top of the volcano is available by hike or by horseback. The travel up to the top of the volcano will lead through various lava fields, showing remains of buried homes and churches. Paricutin is a great place for travellers seeking outdoor adventure.

Victoria Falls – Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall in the world based on width and height, located in Zimbabwe. The waterfall was named by its founder after the reigning queen of the time. The best way to the see the immensity of the waterfall is by air, flying over in either a helicopter or a microlite offers a birds-eye view of the waterfall below. There are also various trails alongside the waterfall that are available to travel on by foot.

Mount Everest – Is the highest mountain in the world and offers impressive views of the Himalayas and an unforgettable climbing experience. Many visitors to Mount Everest will not be up for travelling the strenuous trek to the various base camps on the mountain, as well as paying the $25,000 USD to take part in such a task. A more accessible way to see the mountain without being an adventurous climber is to see it by air by taking a guided flight. By taking to the air you will be able to bask in the greatness of the mountain while sitting comfortably and enjoying the view on this perfect outdoor holiday destination.

The Great Barrier Reef – The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral system in the world, visible from space. Made up of over 900 islands, and over 2,900 separate reefs, visitors have the opportunity to explore the reefs by snorkelling or scuba diving to get the full experience and see how spectacular the reefs are. It is also possible to go on a helicopter ride over the reefs, allowing you to fully capture how big and beautiful the Great Barrier Reef is, something that cannot be fully appreciated by keeping your feet on solid ground. Pontoons and a variety of boats and cruise tours are also available to explore this perfect outdoor adventure destination.

Guanabara Bay – The ‘Harbour of Rio de Janeiro’ is a bay surrounded by unique mountains and rock formations. Guanabara is also the largest bay in the world based on the water volume. Like many of the natural wonders, the bay is best seen from the skies, although it can also be enjoyed from the ground. Its white sandy beaches can be used for soaking up the sun or often for various sporting games such as volleyball while enjoying the view, making it the perfect destination for a relaxing outdoor holiday.

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