Six unusual holiday ideas

by Eche Egbuonu
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With the multitude of activities that are available across the globe it is easy to miss out on some really unique holiday destinations. If you are looking for something new and exciting to do during your holiday then you may find some inspiration from this guide on unusual holiday ideas.

Astronaut training in Orlando

For space enthusiasts the astronaut training experience at the Kennedy Space Centre is the closest feeling one can get of training for a space flight. You will be able to test your endurance and conditioning as you experience the harshness of a rocket launch and tackle the perplexing shuttle controls.

The combination of hands-on training and simulation exercises will keep you on your toes and introduce you to the rigors of space flight. Meeting veteran astronauts and receiving insight from the space exploration educators are just some of the brilliant features of this unique experience. Visit the Kennedy Space Centre as part of your special weekend getaway in Orlando.

Storm chasing in the US

If the prospect of manoeuvring through a storm in an SUV excites you, check out one of several storm chasing tours in the ‘Tornado Alley’ area of Central America. Maybe you want to see the best and worst of nature compounded by the stunning landscape views or perhaps you want a firsthand perspective on the powerful natural forces?

Advances in communications and mapping technology have increased the efficiency and safety of storm chasing. It is also possible to capture photos during the expedition. Whatever your motivation you can enjoy thrilling storm chasing tours with professionals as part of a leading outdoor adventure in USA.

Segway Tours

By now you should be familiar with the quirky two wheeled electric segway scooter. They are operated by the rider’s body weight and are very easy to learn, requiring just a few minutes of practice to master.

It is an exciting way to discover a new location – providing a unique alternative to the classic guide tour. Instead of laborious walking or distant bus tours you can glide across city streets and other points of interest. The number of cities that offer segway tours is increasing, with cites from Budapest to Berlin offering segway expeditions. Berlin in particular is great for luxury city breaks in Europe.

Segways by Peter Griffin

Stockholm rooftop tours

A great twist on conventional city exploring is provided through Stockholm walking tours. This unique experience involves harnessing tourists and them scrambling over the city's skyline and gazing down on the labyrinth of medieval streets beneath them. The tour commences from the rooftop of the 13th century parliament building on the island of Riddarholmen. As you begin the tour you will enjoy wonderful panoramic views of Stockholm while your tour guide unveils the city’s history, using the symbolic landmarks in view. Following the rooftop tour is a conventional guided tour. Enjoy a unique perspective of Stockholm during your leading city getaway in Sweden.

Stockholm by Peter Häger

Enjoy a dip In the Devil’s Pool

There are a small number of things more breath-taking than an enormous waterfall. While it's definitely exciting to watch the roaring falls from below, nothing can beat peering over the very edge, or better yet, swimming up to it. This is very much possible at the appropriately named Devil’s Pool.

Only a rocky rim stands between those who choose to swim in the Devil’s Pool and a 100m descent over the world's largest waterfall. It is formed every year at the outer edge of Victoria Falls, after the dry season decreases water levels to form what has been deemed the ultimate infinity pool.

If you want a taste of life on the edge, this is definitely the right destination...

Dinosaurs in China

Zigong City in the Chinese district of Sichuan may not be an easy destination to travel to, but one Zigong Dinosaur Museum makes the journey an alluring one. The city has at least 40 sites rich in Jurassic fossils. The Zigong Dinosaur Museum is built on the biggest cache that has ever been uncovered.

More than 100 dinosaurs have been excavated at the museum, many uncommon and remarkably well preserved. As well as appreciating the reconstructions of dinosaur fossils and witnessing live excavations you can also wander around the dinosaur graveyard - where numerous bones just stick out from the ground waiting to be uncovered. Perhaps the best feature of this museum is the underground chamber that enables visitors to get a feel of the prehistoric fossils for themselves.

Dinosaur Fossil by Vera Kratochvil

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