Winter sun in the Americas

by Kobina Monney
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Christmas has drifted by, the New Year has just been welcomed in and if you had not embarked on a holiday before Christmas, a holiday in a sunnier environment might just be the tonic for the winter blues.

While many countries in the northern hemisphere will be under a fresh coating of snow, there are a few places in the southern hemisphere to sojourn in, so peruse the possible destinations you could be leaving for on a leading outdoor holiday in South America, Central America and the Bahamas.

Curacao - Papagayo Beach & Lounge Resort

Curacao is a beautiful island in the Caribbean where hidden coves reveal a crystal clear sea, golden beaches stretch out beneath stunning multicoloured sunsets and the only thing you need to worry about is how to spend your next day in paradise. This appealing island is perfect to experience the best romantic holiday in Curacao.

Curacao is a vibrant mix of cultures and a land with a varied history. You can discover Dutch style colonial buildings, well preserved forts and the island's handsome UNESCO heritage capital: Willemstad. The city features townhouses painted in every colour of the rainbow, cobblestone plazas and the world’s largest floating bridge, truly a special heritage break in the island. Willemstad boasts excellent museums as well.

A stay at the Papagayo Beach & Lounge Resort opens that gateway to discovering what Cuaracao has to offer; if relaxing is more your idea of ‘discovering’ then Curacao has a terrific suite of beaches to explore.

Puerto Rico – Copamarina Beach

Puerto Rico may not be the first place you would think of for a holiday in the Caribbean but oozes the natural beauty that is typical of the area. The Copamarina Beach Hotel lies on the South-western coast of Puerto Rico, a region that’s relatively undiscovered but is home to excellent blue waters and aesthetically pleasing scenery.

A sheltered hideaway the hotel prides itself on its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that lends itself to relaxing in the warm weather and taking in the sights undisturbed by the anxieties of day-to-day life.

What can you do to attain that level of relaxation? Puerto Rico offers a plethora of things to do to take your mind off of things with the first and foremost being a trip to the Bodyderm’s spa.

Limber up and pamper yourself before the (slightly) more challenging places you’ll encounter on your tour of the island. For golf fanatics there is the Costa Caribe, a 27-hole golf course at the Hilton Ponce that delivers excellent games of golf. The Guanica Dry Forest Reserve is a UNESCO project and one of the last remaining forests of its kind which offers as good a place on the island for hiking, birdwatching and caving. This locale is an excellent place to visit on your special nature holiday in Puerto Rico.

Gilligan’s Island (named after the TV show) is a remote and underdeveloped piece of land that’s perfect for snorkelling or picnicking undisturbed. Lastly, the most spectacular location is the Bahia Bioluminiscente (Bioluminescence Bay). Much like the film Avatar and its planet of Pandora, this location is a spectacular phosphorescent setting.

Brazil - Dom Pedro Laguna

Brazil is home of samba, capoeira and futsal, among other very rich cultural traditions. Taking a holiday there is an exotic and vibrant place, a fusion of personal expression (in their arts) and stunning locales makes for one of the best cultural breaks in South America.

While Rio and Sao Paolo are viable destinations, why not go for a less obvious choice and take in the sights of Fortaleza, the fifth biggest city in Brazil. While you are there stay at the Dom Pedro Laguna, the first five-star hotel in the Aquiraz Rivieria, a luxury eco-resort in South America.

The hotel provides beach volleyball/soccer facilities as well as a nine-hole golf course for those looking to brush up on their handicaps. Outside the hotel there’s the Fortaleza Cathedral, a church that started construction in 1939 and was not finished until 1978; and Beach Park, the first and largest water park in Latin America. For a 5-star city hotel in Brazil, there are few better than the Dom Pedro Laguna.

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